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The HCC Medical Insurance Group provides an assortment of medical insurance and plans. Their Atlas Insurance component provides four separate plans that offer health insurance for travelers in a foreign country. Even if you have a health plan, coverage in a foreign country is very limited. This insurance provides protection against a major injury or other medical problems. Here is a list of the plans offered by Atlas:

  • Atlas Series – The Series provides health coverage for a client in a foreign country. This plan includes transportation to the hospital, transportation to home, care, tests, and treatment. This plan starts at a minimum period of 5 days to a maximum of 12 months.
  • Atlas Group Series – This provides the same health coverage as the Atlas Series, but can be used for five or more people for one fee. Many travel insurance companies insist on a separate plan for each person, even if they are in the same family.
  • Atlas Professional – Atlas Professional covers business people who travel overseas. The plan can be arranged to cover the needed number of international travelers for a company.
  • Atlas Student Secure – This is a medical insurance policy for students who are studying overseas for part or all of a school year. The number of days of the policy can be matched to the duration of school and overseas travel.

To obtain a quote by Atlas Insurance, a client can go to the company's website or call their 800 number.  The company provides customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Atlas Insurance: What makes it different?

Members of Atlas Insurance receive the following benefits:

  • Custom health plans tailored to the number of days out of the country
  • Can obtain coverage for business travel overseas
  • Covers students engaged in international study
  • Offers a group rate to insure five or more people on one plan
  • Plans cover a wide range of costs that can be incurred by becoming ill
  • Offers several methods to pay for insurance plans
  • Customer service available 24 hours, 7 days a week
Best Available Atlas Insurance Coupon:
Atlas Insurance vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Atlas Insurance) - Company insures travelers against loss in case of illness while out of the country.  The company has special plans for students, missionaries, senior citizens and business travelers.  Plans can be tailored to fit almost any size trip.  This includes frequent travel.  The company also works with businesses to provide coverage.  Customer service is available at all times for clients. - This agency provides medical insurance for travelers in other countries.  This insurance is valid in a large range of countries.  Uses contracted doctors in over 180 countries.  Covers preexisting conditions.  The company covers students, senior citizens and frequent travelers.  HTH also offers group coverage discounts.  Customer service is provided seven days a week.

Atlas Insurance: Pricing & packages

The cost of travel health insurance for individuals is quite reasonable.  It is hard not to justify spending an extra $50 to $100 to have coverage while on a short vacation.  For longer trips, the cost becomes larger.  However, one medical incident most likely will cover the cost spent on the insurance.  Here are some examples of policy costs.

Basic travel insurance for 16 day trip to Australia for 55 year old - pays up to $50,000:

  • Seven Corners:  $62
  • HTH Travel Insurance: $46.60 (with $500 deductible)
  • Atlas Insurance: $59.20

Basic travel insuance for family with two adults and two children traveling abroad for three months (pays up to $50,000):

  • Seven Corners:  $945
  • HTH Travel Insurance:  $642
  • Atlas Insurance:  $768

College student attending school for five months in Japan:

  • Seven Corners:  $129.60
  • HTH Travel Insurance:  $190
  • Atlas Insurance:  $112

Examining the examples chosen, Atlas Insurance comes in at a lower price than its competitors.

Atlas Insurance: Product images & screenshots
Atlas Insurance Coupons
Atlas Insurance: Customer reviews & comments

Here are some customer comments on Atlas Insurance the Legend Travelers website.  Customers seem very satisfied with their insurance services.

From KaroakeGal - While on a cruise this summer with my daughter, she fell and badly broke her leg. We had to end our trip to get her the medical attention she required, which was surgery to reset her leg and several days in the hospital. When it came time to file the claim, the Atlas agent was very courteous and helpful, and they reimbursed me promptly. My only complaint was that they didn't reimburse for the interruption of our vacation. I thought they should have covered that, but they didn't. But otherwise, I was satisfied with their coverage of our situation.

From Joseph A. - My wife was injured in an accident while we were vacationing in Cancun. As it turns out, we were very lucky because this was the first time we had ever bought any kind of travel insurance. This was only our third time out of the country, so we never really saw a need for it.  When I called to report the accident, they told me exactly what to do, what forms I would need, etc. The Live Travel service was a big help in rescheduling our transportation back home. Once we got all the information submitted, they paid the claim very quickly. Needless to say, I was impressed (and thankful!)  I highly recommend Atlas travel insurance. We will sure never travel without it again!

From Thankful Indeed - This is to review the Atlas travel insurance. My family and family friends took a long awayed trip to Egypt. We enjoyed it very much. My father in law became sick while there and needed medical help. I called the Atlas company and they were very polite and helpful to me. They advised to make claim document and send all bills and receips to their company, which I accomplished and Atlas paid their part. We are thankful for a good insurance company to help us when it needed.

Best Available Atlas Insurance Coupon:
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